Safety tips for visiting Egypt

Egypt might not be your safest destination, but agreeably it is one of the most thrilling experiences. Planning a holiday there can be both exciting and daunting. To get the most out of it and stay safe, we’ve gathered some tips from travel experts and this is what we found.




The disadvantage is that people will be yelling at you all the time, urging you to take a cab, purchase something, employ them as a guide, and so on. It's always there. To prevent this, I would either travel with a guide to a certain tourist spot or respectfully reply NO, or La Shukran in Arabic, which means "no."

Try not to take people’s timings hardly, it is a country with a lot of traffic that might not be helping them reach on time. 

Egypt is a perfect example of sexy chaos. If you embrace it you will be able to establish a unique culture that does not exist in many countries.




Make sure to pack culturally appropriate clothing, read about the culture before going as Egypt tends to be on the conservative side. Yes, Egypt is a hot country but revealing clothes can draw a lot of attention to you, moreover, it can be seen as disrespectful to the locals. That doesn't mean you have to dress in a burqa, but it's better to bring loose, light, conservative attire that covers your shoulders, knees, and chest.

Some outfit ideas we recommend are jumpsuits, maxi dresses and skirts, cotton blouses, and loose-fitted trousers. If you want to wear strappy tops you can use a pashmina to cover up your shoulders. 




Tour guides

The attractions don't strictly require a tour guide. It's really simple to pay at the temple kiosks and navigate your way around. However, hiring a tour guide would assist you in avoiding a lot of abuse when seeing the place.





Drinking water from the tap is not a good idea. No matter where you're heading, this is solid advice. To reduce your carbon footprint, buy bottled water or carry your own reusable bottle.





Drinking alcohol on the street is not a good idea. Check to see if you're in a designated bar, nightclub, or private house. Unless you're in a tourist destination where this is prevalent, it's not socially acceptable, and it's illegal in certain locations, however, drinking is permitted in some cafes. If you do drink, don't drink excessively, and stay away from hard liquor brands you're unfamiliar with. While you may be attempting to be kind, offering alcohol to a Muslim is considered impolite.





It is not uncommon to see Egyptian guys holding hands. Women, too, can join their arms or clasp hands. It's not that they're homosexual; it's simply a part of the culture.

Affection in public places is not recommended due to the conservative background of the country. It is considered a disrespectful act to be shown in public.

Egypt is not a safe place for LGBTQIA+ people who want to publicly express their sexuality and/or gender identity outside of the heterosexual binary. It's best to avoid public demonstrations of affection for any travelers since they might attract unwelcome attention. Go here for additional information on safety for LGBTQIA+ tourists in Egypt. 





Drones are not permitted to be flown anywhere in Egypt. Article 46, sentence 8 of the Egyptian Aviation Act states: "Unless the Civil Aviation Authority gives authorization, no unmanned aircraft are authorized to fly or work in the state's territory. Using unmanned aircraft is illegal in all instances, according to the norms of the Air and Air Traffic Service."




Stray animals

Petting street dogs and cats is not recommended unless you have had all of your vaccinations and are not frightened of getting bitten or scratched.

In general, stay away from huge crowds and political rallies. Avoid walking alone, especially at night, and travel in small groups. Secure your valuables and avoid carrying large sums of money. Scams at tourist attractions should be avoided easily using a tourism agency. Dress cautiously, particularly while visiting religious locations.

These are some of the most useful tips we’ve gathered, if you have more safety tips you can share them with us on so we can share them with others.


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