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The Unfinished Obelisk

A cry from a Bennu bird—the first living creation to awake the cosmos. God Atun Ra the creator stands watching the beginning of Heliopolis over the Benben, the primordial mound that is represented by the obelisk. It is where life has begun in ancient Egyptian mythology. 

Valley of The Kings

The Valley of The Kings Tuthmosis changed the traditions of burial, one’s belongings should accompany him in his afterlife journey, or else he could get lost in his journey.

The Nubian Houses in Aswan

As the Nile River descends from the highlands of East Africa, deep in Egypt's south, on the West Bank of the Nile, near the town of Aswan, are the most colorful and splendid towns in the country.

The Temple of Horus

The divine child of a holy family triad, the son of Osiris and Isis, and the husband of the merciful goddess Hathor. His words describing himself were found in coffin texts saying 

The Light House of Alexandria

The famous Lighthouse of Alexandria was built in the third century during the reigns of Ptolemy I and III on the Island of Pharos on the outskirts of the Alexandria Harbour. 

The Karnak Temple

The massive religious site is located on Luxor’s East Bank on the storied Nile. Luxor was once the capital of Egypt for more than 1500 years, dating back to 2055 BC.

The Temple of Queen Nefertari

The temple of queen Nefertari was constructed north of Abu Simbel's Great Temple. Which was also dedicated to Hathor—embodying femininity and motherhood as goddess of women, fertility, love, and sky. Hathor was typically depicted in her animal form as a cow. Even in the human form she is depicted with cow ears.

Historical Cairo

Egypt’s capital, Cairo was founded in 969 BC by the general of the Fatimad Caliph Al-Muizz. As the city developed, it absorbed a wealth of older capitals that had been established since the Arab conquest took off. 

Bibliotheca Alexandria

Off Egypt’s stretch of the Mediterranean, the Bibliotheca Alexandria has a commanding presence on one of the liveliest streets in Alexandria.


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