Travel Packing Necessities

Have a journey planned? It is smart to have a packing checklist to make the process less stressful. To help organize your bags, I wanted to share my carry-on essentials list since it streamlines the packing process and reduces the risk of forgetting something.




Let us go through the carry-on - your companion during your flight. It should have everything you need until you reach your destination including your passport, visa, ID, insurance cards (medical\travel), boarding pass tickets, PCR tests, and vaccination certificate. They should be packed in an accessible pocket of your bag (always keep a copy of your documents on your email just in case). Your credit\ debit card should be authorized for international usage. Last but not least, you should also carry with you the currency of the country you are visiting. Keep a pen on you in the airport to fill in papers. 




In terms of keeping your device charged, your cables and plug adaptors have to be accessible at all times. Don’t forget to get your laptop or tablet if you want to read, entertain, or do some work on your way as well as chargers and earbuds too. If you were interested in photography, keep a basic camera with you to capture interesting things as you go along.



Personal Care 

Flying is quite dehydrating, so keep an empty water bottle with you and fill it once you pass the security, or let the flight attendant assist you. A hydrating face mask is a good idea for your skin as well as a travel size moisturizer, sunscreen, and a lip balm. Hands sanitizers, non-metallic nail files, wipes, bandages, pain relievers, essential medications, cough drops (you don’t want to be the annoying person on the plane who coughs nonstop), and a travel-size stain remover, are a must-have if you want to ensure a comfortable flight. If you are a smoker you might consider a nicotine gum\patch onboard. 

To cozy up your journey bring with you a blanket, a travel pillow, socks, an eye mask, earplugs, some snacks, your favorite movie downloaded, and a book or hobby materials. It is like resetting your brain and getting your vacation mood on. 



This is the list I have created for my carry-on that has helped me a lot, what else do you like to take with you on the plane? You can share with us your must-haves on so we can share them with others.


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