Your Merzouga Camping Trip

Arriving at the golden dunes

Regardless of the climate, when you arrive at the Merzouga Sahara of Morocco you’ll be engulfed by blue skies and endless sunshine. It is an unexpected delight to be in the middle of the majestic golden dunes. This part of your journey to Morocco asks nothing of you but to unwind and relish at the desert’s  changing colors.



Perfect Getaway

The sahara tour is flawlessly designed for those who appreciate the serenity that only silence can provide. Get away for a couple of days and soak up the unique landscape while walking across one of the world's most striking deserts.



Must Do

A visit to the Merzouga Sahara desert isn't complete without camel trekking, beach buggies and 4x4 tours where you can witness the nomadic lifestyle. Watch as the native nomads walk along with their cattle and set up charming tents made simply from wood and cloth. Stop and taste the fresh baked bread made in their unique desert kitchens.


Main Attractions

Camping in the Merzouga Sahara desert isn’t only about the golden dunes, you’ll also have a world of colorful experiences.  From the crimson dunes, traditional souks, quaint nomadic tents, khamlia village, the Srji flamingos’ lake, to the  french military base, each destination has its own distinct essence that will leave you in awe. 



A Beautiful Evening

After a vivid sunset, night will fall on the majestic, sand-swept dunes - a signal to head back to camp where you’ll experience authentic Moroccan cuisine with a variety of dishes cooked to perfection. Enjoy traditional Moroccan tea around a bonfire, with local ethnic music that beckons you to dance around the warm fire or lay back and enjoy a magical night under a canopy of stars. If you wake up early enough you can catch the sunshine in the camp, dunes, or on camelback.



Best Timing

Autumn (September to October) is the most pleasant season to explore the desert in comfort due to the mild climate. Spring, from March to May, is also a good window to see the beautiful flowers and plants that bloom in the desert and surrounding sand dunes.


Your Camping Experience

Camping with us is all about luxury. We have a beautifully organized campsite peppered with torches, fires, and rugs strewn with pillows to greet you upon arrival. Unwind complete with an inviting array of comfortable "tents"  built on concrete floors and featuring all the modern amenities including AC, showers, etc that will give you ultim privacy at your oasis. The tranquil atmosphere is elevated by the friendly hospitality of the Berber staff.

Book your tour with us and get ready to embark on a remarkable journey. 



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