Bibliotheca Alexandria

The Bibliotheca Alexandria

Off Egypt’s stretch of the Mediterranean, the Bibliotheca Alexandria has a commanding presence on one of the liveliest streets in Alexandria. A window into the world, the stunning library is a modern resurrection of the venerable Library at Alexandria in antiquity. The library was established in October 2002, renamed “The Bibliotheca Alexandrina". Although it is commonly believed that the legendary library was burned down and completely devastated at once. However, history tells a different story. The library’s status began to decline as the intellectuals from Alexandria were persecuted in 145 BC. After that, it seemed like this great establishment would never be brought to life again. Until a man named Lotfy Dowidar submitted a request for the realization of a new library in Alexandria, reflecting the grand character of its ancient predecessor.

The Center Of knowledge With A Global Perspective

The original structure was much larger and had an even more extravagant design entitled the Mouseion, devoted to the Nine Muses of Greek Mythology. It is believed that Demetrius of Phalerum, an Athenian statesman who was in exile was behind the naming of the library. However, although the idea was pitched early the construction of the grand library did not begin until the reign of Ptolemy II Philadelphus. A grand revival of the renowned ancient library built in the Classical Greek era. The reconstruction of the library brought Alexandria back to its former glory as a hub of knowledge exchange. The building quickly became the city’s gleaming landmark. The library was founded on the principle of international cooperation and has been designed with a global perspective in mind. The center stands as a symbol of knowledge and a platform for dialogue and bridging understanding between people of different backgrounds and cultures.

The Architecture Masterful

In terms of architecture, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina is an astounding feat of masterful design that connects the city with its storied past and checkered history. Built to amplify the principles of learning, tolerance, and empathy, the library features intimate spaces buttressed by start-of-the-art technology.   Although serving as a connection to Alexandria’s ancient history, the buildings' blunt modernity and advanced technology made it more of a cosmopolitan emblem rather than one reminiscent of ancient times. The building’s architecture was designed by Norwegian firm Snøhetta and has set a precedent for the future of modern library design. Looking from the shoreline, the library reaches out into the sky, displaying a volume disc-shaped structure tilted towards the sea shaped like a wedge. This design utilized pure geometry with a circular shape to encapsulate the cyclical nature of knowledge as well as the end of the harbor of Alexandria.

The Visually Impaired and The Dazzling Gem

This modern library is home to a myriad of literature, film, digital content, and a number of specialized exhibits including the Taha Hussein Library for the Visually Impaired and the dazzling gem, the rare book, and the special collections library. Not only does it promote knowledge through literature but also through interactions, film, multimedia, holding a host of various occasions and events with captivating talks and performances. . Serving as a Centre of Excellence, Preservant of current history & a Beacon of Knowledge. The Alexandria Library is also Known to Have Hosted Several Occasions and Events relevant to literature, film, and multimedia.


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