Burj Al-Arab

The Ship-Looking Hotel

280 meters away from Jumeirah Beach, you will find this luxurious sail of a ship-looking hotel standing on an artificially made island tied to the mainland with a beautiful curving bridge and a helipad famously known as Burj Al Arab. A global icon of Arabian luxury. A hotel designed with cutting-edge engineering, from the one-of-a-kind man-made beach and infinity pool terrace to one of the world's highest grand atriums at 180 meters. Burj Al Arab has reinvented the concept of extraordinary hospitality in Dubai and throughout the world, taking hotel design to a new level of modern luxury.


If you are looking for soul nurturing, mindfulness, and relaxation, Burj Al Arab is the ultimate retreat for mind, body, and soul. With everything provided from paddle-boarding experience to yoga, to a spa or a gymnasium.  You can enjoy Talise’s signature spa treatments, the infinity pool, or you can have the most romantic moonlight swim taking your stay to the next level. If you are an active person do not worry you can enjoy a variety of workout classes or solely enjoy a variety of gym machines and workouts taking an energizing journey towards your fitness goals.

Dining in Burj Al Arab

With 8 exquisite restaurants each one taking you on a unique experience of its own. Burj Al Arab’s restaurant experience can vary between a chic beach experience in Sal. Al-Muntaha restaurant serves the finest French cuisine with a dazzling panoramic view. Sahn Eddar atrium lounge is perfect for breakfast and afternoon tea. Al Iwan mezze with a twist arabesque cuisine at its finest. Al-Mahara for its fine seafood presented by the two-Michelin star award-winning Chef accompanied with an aquarium view. Bab El-Yam for a unique merger between middle eastern cuisine the European cuisine. Gold on 27 has a cocktail bar with a sleek vibe, vibrant mood, and magical views of Dubai. Finally, Sky View Bar and Restaurant for tapas, mixology, and a 27th-floor stunning view. 


Experiencing the luxury of Burj El-Arab itself is a unique experience by itself, with its spacious luxurious suites soaring with elegance and spectacular views along with its lavish lifestyle. If you thought that’s it, think again. On Visiting Burj El-Arab you can take an inside tour to discover the untold stories within. You can enjoy the hottest culinary destinations with their magnificent views and unique experiences. Take a yacht and enjoy the Arabian Gulf. Join the exclusive Burj El-Arab club to socialize or to have a peaceful view. Let your Children enjoy themselves whether with the children’s activities provided in the kids’ club. You can visit the turtles’ rehabilitation sanctuary to meet the rescued turtles before they are released. If you are looking for a family activity you can go to the wild wadi waterpark that promises fun for all family members. You can also just relax on the terrace and enjoy the spectacular views of the unique luxury beach facility. 

Luxurious Destination

Burj Al Arab has reinvented the concept of extraordinary hospitality in Dubai and throughout the world, taking hotel design to a new level of modern luxury. It is a place where you can enjoy a variety of activities and experiences uniquely designed to satisfy you.


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