Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

Dubai mall is a perfect destination not only for shopaholics but also for all ages. It’s a different kind of mall in Dubai mall you can find all sorts of activities to enjoy your time with your family, friends, partner, or even by yourself. What makes the Dubai mall so special though? 

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The Dubai Mall is a perfect destination not only for shopaholics but for all family members with nearly 13 million square feet in size (equal to more than 50 football pitches), with a total interior surface area of 5.9 million - square - foot (55 hectares) and floor area space of 3.77 million - square - foot (35 hectares), much like the West Edmonton Mall.  It also boasts a luxury hotel with 250 rooms, 22 cinema screens, and 120 restaurants and cafés. The Dubai Mall includes more than 14,000 parking spots spread across three car parks, as well as valet services and a car location ticketing system. The mall has received five prizes, including two at the Retail Future Project Awards at Mapic in Cannes in 2004, for Best Retail Development Scheme and Best Use of Lighting in a Retail Environment, and three awards for the Dubai Mall brochure. 


The Dubai Aqua & Underwater Zoo is built on the ground level of the Dubai Mall and has around 33,000 aquatic creatures in the tank's whopping ten million gallons of water. A one-of-a-kind underwater zoo fills the level above the tank, showing a diversity of underwater life found all across the world's seas, rivers, and other bodies of water. The third feature of the magical aquarium is the Virtual Zoo. The cutting-edge exhibition offers exhilarating animal excursions through realistically crafted virtual tours. The tank measures at a length of 51 meters, a width of 20 m, and a height of 11 meters. It is big enough to hold a cornucopia of aquatic creatures, providing visitors with the opportunity to observe the creatures in their natural habitats. This striking suspended aquarium contains the largest population of sand tiger sharks in the world. The aquarium houses 140 different species of marine creatures, including stingrays and a colorful array of fish. Visitors are encouraged to go through the 48-meter-long tunnel, which allows them to see the aquatic creatures from a spectacular close-up angle.  The enigmatic underwater life living under the oceans and seas is put on full display at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, which can be viewed from inside the Dubai Mall via a giant acrylic screen. Visitors are delighted to incredible views of marine life including 146 distinct species. Pass through the underground passage and observe the creatures from different vantage spots. There are instructors on hand to answer any questions you have concerning the lives and habits of marine species.  The sand tiger sharks, on the other hand, are the most sought after attraction. It is, undoubtedly, a one-of-a-kind experience that helps travelers connect with nature in an intimate and exciting way. 

Dubai Dino

A one-of-a-kind display that allows you to peek on the mostly erased Jurassic era and its gigantic creatures. Taking the center stage, the long-necked whip like tail Sauropod that roamed the earth 150 million years ago. Measuring over 7 meters high and 24 long. Sourced to Dubai mall after its discovery in Wyoming, USA 2008. Aside from its crushed tail that is believed to be broken from a fight or a ferocious bite from a large prey, the Sauropod was discovered unscathed. You can enjoy learning more about life in the primeval era, buy souvenirs from a wide array of branded products, take pictures, or just stare in admiration.

Trampo Extreme

Trampo Extreme in Dubai mall is a family amusement park where you can have a fantastic time whether you want to Jump, explore the Cave, Climb, or Play. It's a whole new level of active play attractions, suitable for entertaining the whole family. They offer a ton of trampolines and a variety of 16 different Jump activities, making it the ideal spot to get your energy levels up and moving. To top it all off, the fluorescent design and color-changing lighting offer the park a new depth every minute. In addition, family may enjoy the region's largest soft play area, which is styled after cities across the globe and is a real depiction of the UAE's global population.   Every time they visit Trampo Extreme, kids can look forward to an exciting new experience, while parents may choose to participate in the fun or rest and refresh at the Recharge café by Limetree.  


Hysteria is a state of great dread. Hysteria, the region's first haunted attraction of its sort, takes visitors on a trip through their scariest nightmares and greatest fears. This isn't for the faint of heart. Provided you enjoy thrills, are a fan of horror films, or simply enjoy trying new things, Hysteria is for you — if you believe you're courageous enough.

VR Park

This is the world's largest indoor virtual reality park for family pleasure, with over 30 thrilling VR experiences and a soft play area for the little ones. For aficionados of old arcade games, there are a variety of great gaming experiences that will delight both the young and the young at heart.


Not to forget the beautiful children who want to remember Dubai, a grown-up children’s experience is available for exploring at the famous KidZania. KidZania is a simulation of the real-world life of adults but for the children, they take a tour within a simulation of the most famous companies inside the city to learn how they work in real life and they implement the same idea of a credit card in order to receive the payments or checks for the work they did inside this company. Each company has a different paycheck, and all the jobs require the children at first to open a credit card and also build a CV and progress in their career.  These are some of the most enjoyable things to do in Dubai mall where everybody can leave having enjoyed a memorable experience.  If you had a great experience in Dubai mall share it with us on our Instagram.  


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